Solution-Based Environmental and Land Use Law
and Regulated Regulatory Counseling

For more than 34 years, Charles R. Wolfe, Attorney at Law, has helped clients resolve the complex issues that arise with redevelopment of constrained urban and suburban properties.

Chuck is known as a creative, goal-oriented team member with an unusual combination of legal, environmental, and land use experience. He is recognized internationally for his urban planning knowledge, and is the author of Seeing the Better City (2016) and Urbanism Without Effort (2013, rev. pending 2018). Private developers and public entities turn to him for advice and to bring together the ideas and people needed to successfully complete innovative—and often, high profile—land use and brownfield projects and to recover environmental cleanup costs.

Quality Growth Alliance – Urban Centers and Transit Oriented Development in Washington State. (Wolfe and Symington) As republished by Puget Sound Regional Council. Download a copy (2.2mg).

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